AtLarge Nutrition Rewards Program

The AtLarge Nutrition Rewards Program is an all-new software upgrade that we have just launched.  Currently, the program allows you to earn points and redeem them for a discount with every transaction (sale promotions excluded).

The standard program earns you one point for every dollar spent (ex. $100 spent = 100 points).  Each redeemed point has a two and a half cent value, so if you spend $100 you earn $2.50 worth of potential discount (you can redeem as few or many of your earned points as you wish with each purchase).

One of the best aspects of this program is it is seamless and EASY.  Earned points will automatically be displayed when you place an order.  All you need to take advantage of the program is to have an account with us.  You can access AtLarge Rewards information via your "My Dashboard" on your account (see below - don't mind the fact I could not spell my own name...).

My Dashboard

By clicking the "My Points & Rewards Section" link you can see an accounting of your points and even send points to a friend! The "My Referrals" link will be your gateway to taking advantage of our great new referral program once it is live (soon - this program will replace our old Platinum Referral program - all earned points from that program will be transferred).  

This software upgrade is very expansive and exciting!  We will soon be offering rewards points for such varied activities as “likes” on Facebook, rating our products, and many others.  See below for a more comprehensive listing:

rewards possibilities

*** 06/06 - Just added, Facebook likes!  Each page on our site now has a Facebook like button.  If you have a Facebook account and click the button you will earn 20 points! It's that easy.  Check it out!

Facebook likes

*** 06/10 - Just added, our new referral program!  This program is awesome!  Earn 50 points for the first order placed by any new customer you refer to us.  The customer must not currently have an account with us (i.e. they must be new).  The program is really easy to use!  The person you refer simply enters the email address you used to create your AtLarge Nutrition account in the field provided when they register their new account (see below).  After that, it is all automatic!  When they place their first order you automatically get 50 points (and will receive an email letting you know).

Referral email placement

Watch this space and our Facebook page for updates with new additions as we put them live.  

No one else gives back to their customers like we do!  We are the fasting growing supplement company in the industry for a reason.  AtLarge Nutrition, the best products and the best deals!