Like our company, our athlete sponsorships are different, no nonsense if you will. We don’t try to imply that our products are a disproportionate source of our athletes’ success, or that they were a part of lifts or performances that happened prior to the athlete ever being associated with us (yes, a lot of companies do that…). We give you the real story, and here it is:

Many of our athletes were champions or record holders prior to joining our company, but to a man each athlete we sponsor has risen to new heights during their association with us and they feel that AtLarge Nutrition’s supplements contributed to that success.

Our athletes use our products because they CHOOSE to. They seek sponsorship from us, not the other way around (and certainly not for huge monetary contracts).  Why do you think the strongest men and women on the planet choose to use our products? They do so for the same reason as you, they are high quality, great tasting products that work as claimed. It’s that simple.

We are the real deal, and so are our athletes.

Bikini and Fitness Competitors

  1. Mimi Macias

    Fitness Competitor

    Mimi was born and raised in Madrid Spain. She was always fit growing up having been a trained dancer and competitive in sports. Her life changing event that eventually led her to the world of fitness was a car accident.

MMA Fighters

  1. Matt Brown

    MMA Fighter

    Matt first began training for MMA in 2004. Just a few years later he was selected to be one of 32 fighters who would compete for a chance at a six figure UFC contract in their reality series The Ultimate Fighter (Team Rampage vs. Team Forrest).

Sponsored Events

  1. 2010 Crossfit Games

    Official Sponsor

    AtLarge Nutrition are official sponsors of the 2010 Crossfit Games. The CrossFit Games is being labelled as the ultimate test of fitness in which the world's fittest athletes compete in a variety of workouts.


  1. David Herskovitz


    IFBB Professional (physique division) David Herskovitz has joined the AtLarge Nutrition team. David has the kind of physique that is nearly universally admired.
  2. Allen Cress

    Bodybuilder & Trainer

    Allen Cress is a multi strength sport athlete as well as a highly sought after trainer. His symmetry and conditioning have helped him win the light heavyweight class of several amateur bodybuilding contests.


  1. Kate Rawlings


    Kate Rawlings is a high level competitive CrossFit Games athlete. With strength and endurance to spare, she is an excellent example of what the CrossFit lifestyle can do for you.
  2. Gretchen Kittelberger


    Gretchen Kittelberger is one of the premier female CrossFit athletes in the world. Her 12th place finish at last year’s Reebok CrossFit Games solidified her position as one of the best of the best.
  3. Jaime Gold


    Raised in Columbus, OH and currently residing in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Jaime Gold is quickly becoming one to watch in the CrossFit world..
  4. Scott McClelland


    Scott McClelland is quite an amazing individual. To start, he is a professional firefighter and paramedic working for the Henrico County Division of Fire in Virginia and an owner of a Crossfit facility...

Endurance Athletics

  1. Joe Vennare

    Endurance Athlete

    Joe Vennare is a multisport endurance athlete competing in triathlon, ultra-marathon, and adventure racing. Joe’s motivation to train and compete in endurance sports is fueled by a desire to test his physical abilities. . .

Weightlifting and Powerlifting

  1. Julia Ladewski


    Julia Ladewski is a great example of what strength training can do for women.
  2. Scott Weech Jr.

    Powerlifting Prodigy

    Scott Weech Jr. is one of the best all-around strength athletes in the world. With records in both raw and equipped powerlifting, professional Strongman status, and national level competitive abilities in weightlifting, his physical power knows no bounds!
  3. Adrian Larsen

    Bench Press Specialist

    Adrian Larsen is a very unique lifter with an inspiring story. He was born with dislocated hips and club feet. But that didn't stop him notching up numerous first place finishes and benching 535 lbs RAW.
  4. Chuck Vogelpohl

    Powerlifting Legend

    Chuck Vogelpohl is a powerlifting legend. He is well known for his intensity, but he is also a freak of longevity having competed for over 2 decades and very recently upping the squat record to a massive 1,175 lbs at 255lbs bodyweight.
  5. Donnie Thompson

    Big Total Powerlifter

    Donnie Thompson is THE biggest and strongest man on the planet, boasting a squat of 1155 lbs and a World Record total of 2850 lbs placing him amongst the very elite of superheavyweight powerlifters.
  6. Ryan Celli

    Raw Powerlifter

    Ryan Celli is what one might characterize as addicted to the iron! He has been lifting and setting records since he was a teen (setting the APF 15-16 year old bench press record in the 132 lb class with a 275 lbs lift).
  7. Scott Yard


    Scott Yard has proven his powerlifting mettle both in the equipped and raw divisions. Competing in multi-ply equipped meets he has totaled (squat, bench, and deadlift) a best of 2,605 lbs.
  8. Tom Mutaffis

    National Champion Strongman

    Tom Mutaffis is an ASC Pro Strongman and seasoned competitor. boasting a series of 20 podium appearances culminating in his ASC pro card in 2010 and a qualification for the 2011 Arnold Strongman World Championship.
  9. Travis Bell

    Bench Press Specialist

    Travis Bell is an up and coming powerlifter who specializes in the bench press. He trains at the vaunted Westside Barbell in Columbus, OH and boasts a 540lb raw bench and an incredible 770lbs equipped bench!
  10. Vincent Dizenzo

    Powerlifter/Bench Press Specialist

    Vincent Dizenzo is a veteran strength athlete having competed in strength sports for over 15 years. He is one of the few lifters to have pressed over 800 lbs equipped and 600 lbs raw in meets.
  11. Westside Barbell

    Elite Powerlifters

    Louie Simmon's Westside Barbell powerlifting team consists of some of the biggest and strongest men and women in the world and has dominated the powerlifting scene with amazing consistency over time.
  12. Justin Randal

    Elite Powerlifter

    For most it takes years to build their strength to such a point that they can be competitive at the highest levels. Evidently Justin Randal missed that memo… In just three years he has risen to the elite level of competitive powerlifting.
  13. AJ Roberts

    Total Powerlifter

    Member of the World Famous Westside Barbell Club, AJ Roberts has claim to a bar bending 2,650 lbs in the 308 lbs weight class (which places him 5th highest total ever in that weight class).
  14. David Hoff


    David Hoff of Westside Barbell is quite simply one of the greatest all-time strength athletes. In fact, considering his age, a very solid argument can be made he IS the greatest all-time strength athlete.
  15. Laura Phelps Sweatt

    Elite Powerlifter

    It is no exaggeration to say that Laura Phelps Sweatt is arguably the greatest female strength athlete ever. Laura’s relatively new career in strength sports has seen her dominate a sport like few ever have.
  16. Henry Thomason


    Henry Thomason is currently one of the best squatters in the world. He owns the all-time highest single-ply squat record with a HUGE 1,058 lbs (the squat was walked-out from squat stands, not done on a Monolift).
  17. Natalie Carr

    Elite Powerlifter

    Natalie Carr is an extraordinary female strength athlete. You might call her a tiny titan of power! At her most recent meet she set two all-time world records.
  18. Richard Williams


    What truly sets Richard apart are both his physical strength AND his strength of character and conviction.
  19. Tone Barbaccio

    Elite Powerlifter

    Tone Barbaccio is in many ways a larger than life individual. From his large stature (6’6” tall and 400 lbs) to his career in the IT field ...
  20. Yessica Martinez


    Yessica Martinez is an excellent ambassador for the strength trained female athlete. Beautiful and bright (she is a full-time student at Florida International University), she excels in her chosen sport of powerlifting
  21. Chad Walker


    Chad Walker is a professional powerlifter with the 11th all-time highest multi-ply equipped men’s total in the superheavyweight class at 2,655 lbs!
  22. Jimmie Pacifico


    Jimmie Pacifico is the son of one of the greatest powerlifters ever, the incomparable Larry Pacifico. Jimmie’s lineage showed early in his life and was fostered by his father’s entering him into strength training and gymnastics at a very early age.

Contest Winners

  1. Colin McLafferty

    Get Sponsored Contest Winner

    As a mixed martial arts athlete, future SEALFIT Kokoro graduate (2/26/12) and Crossfitter, I pursue the extreme performance that AtLarge Nutrition fuels.