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AJ Roberts - Big Total Powerlifter

AJ Roberts - PowerlifterAJ Roberts is an avant garde powerlifter. He is an unusual mix of elite strength athlete, trainer, and businessman with a heavy presence on the web to boot (any of you who know powerlifters know that in and of itself makes him unique!).

AJ grew up in Southampton, England and moved to the states when he was 16. Continuing our avant garde theme, AJ actually moved to the states to pursue a college basketball scholarship.,. Certainly not the usual path to strength athletics greatness.

As fate would have it, AJ discovered powerlifting his senior year in high school. He instantly loved the sport and found a new direction for his life. He went on to attend college at the University of Idaho where he volunteered to work in the varsity weight room. This job afforded him the opportunity to work with athletes of all types thus honing his own training skills and knowledge.

Beginning a career long trend of working with the best, while still in college AJ was fortunate enough to train under the tutelage of former all-time squat record holder Brent Mikesell.

Brent Mikesell was a great strength training mentor, but it was not until his move to world renowned Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio that AJ began to realize his true potential. Under the watchful eye of Westside’s living legend owner, Louie Simmons, AJ recently upped his best total to a bar bending 2,650 lbs (1100lb Squat, 770lb Bench, 780lb Deadlift) in the 308 lbs weight class, which places him 5th highest total ever in that weight class).

AJ's best single lifts to date are:

Squat: 1,100 lbs

Bench Press: 820 lbs 

Deadlift: 780 lbs

AJ has been as successful in the world of business as he is in powerlifting. He is currently chief marketing officer for Ultimate Business Systems, Inc. Ultimate Business Systems is essentially a consulting firm for personal trainers, coaches, and fitness facilities all over the world providing them with business building ideas and resources.

Avant garde AJ is an ever-transforming, ever growing individual and the future looks bright for this man of iron.

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