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Donnie Thompson - Big Total Powerlifter

Donnie Thompson - Powerlifter


Donnie Thompson is THE biggest and strongest man on the planet. This is no idle claim as his best powerlifting total places him amongst the very elite of superheavyweight powerlifters!

Donnie's Brief Bio

Donnie has an athletic background having played both college and professional football. He holds the distinction of having been 1 of 25 NCAA football players to weigh in excess of 300 lbs while he was playing in the mid to late 80s.

After a brief stint with the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a 6 year ride in the Arena Football League Donnie opened his own gym in 1993. One half dozen years later his yearning for competition and natural proclivity for size and strength thrust him into the competitive powerlifting arena. With the help of Westside Barbell guru Louie Simmons he rose quickly through the ranks and in only 4 years became a professional powerlifter.

In 2005 he became certified in Russian Kettlebell Training. Having gotten out of gym ownership in 2002 Donnie spends his non-competitive time traveling to do Russian Kettlebell seminars and consulting in the gym business.

* Update 2013 - Donnie is now retired from powerlifting competition, but he is more active than ever in the sport hosting seminars on strength training a mobility, promoting meets, selling and promoting his Thompson Fat Pad, and working with athletes from all over the world.  Check out his Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/donnie.thompson.106?fref=ts

Donnie’s Best Lifts

As already mentioned Donnie has some tremendous lifts to his credit:

* Best Squat: 1,265 lbs
* Best Bench: 950 lbs
* Best Deadlift: 832 lbs

Donnie has a massive best total of 3,000 lbs!  

Donnie Thompson - Powerlifter

Donnie and AtLarge Nutrition:

There really isn’t much to say on the subject. AtLarge’s products fuel the biggest and strongest men and women in the world and Donnie is no exception. Donnie has used other products and found them to be disappointing as best. Another strength titan and AtLarge sponsored athlete John Stafford told Donnie his thoughts on AtLarge’s products and the rest is history.

Donnie uses AtLarge’s products because he knows they are the best!


 Videos (Sound/Music is playing in some videos)

Donnie's Record Squat

Breaking World Powerlifting Total