Julia Ladewski


Julia Ladewski is a great example of what strength training can do for women.  Contrary to the concerns of many women, properly performed strength training does NOT make women bulky or muscular in a masculine way; rather, it tones them up and gives them the look many aspire to.

Julia is an elite level powerlifter and a member of the EliteFTS.com athlete roster.  She is a full-time strength coach, wife, and mother of two (and yes, she STILL has time to train J).

Julia squatting

Julia currently competes in powerlifting in the 123 lbs weight class.  Her 1,002 lbs total includes a 407 lbs squat and 255 lbs bench press which rank her in the top 50 of all-time. 

We are very proud to have Julia as a member of our team and user of our supplements.

Julia bench press


You can also see more about Julia on her website: www.JuliaLadewski.com