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Scott McClelland - Crossfit

Scott McClelland Scott McClelland is quite an amazing individual.  To start, he is a professional firefighter and paramedic working for the Henrico County Division of Fire in Virginia.  He is also the owner of his own CrossFit facility, James River CrossFit.   His resume additionally includes competing in the sport of Firefighter Combat Challenge since 2005.  Finally, he is a husband and father to three young children.  In short, we think he many never sleep J.

Scott has been very successful as a Firefighter Combat Challenge competitor.   He has placed as high as 3rd overall in the World Championships.  Living up to its moniker of the “toughest two minutes in sports” it is a test of skill, fitness, and will.  The athletes compete in full turnout gear (their fire suits etc.) and breathe air off of their SCBA bottles.  The course includes an ascent up a five story tower carrying a 42lbs hose, hoisting another 42lbs hose via rope up to the top of the tower, descending the steps of the tower back to ground level where you must move a 160lbs steel beam 5’ using a sledge hammer, running a serpentine of fire hydrants for 150’, picking up a charge hose line weighing roughly 175lbs and dragging it 75’ before shooting a target with a water stream at the end, and then finally picking up a Rescue Randy dummy weighing 175lbs and dragging it backwards for 106’!  The best of the best do this entire course in less than two minutes and Scott has made the amazing time of only ninety seconds!Scott McClelland

Starting early in 2012 Scott decided to add CrossFit competitions to his resume.  He is hard in training with his sights set on competing in the 2013 CrossFit Games.

We at AtLarge Nutrition could not be prouder to be working with Scott.  He is to me, the owner, really the ideal individual to associate our brand with.  His profession is both incredibly dangerous and highly noble.  He saves lives at the peril of his own.  In addition, he juggles as much responsibility as anyone in today’s helter-skelter world (a full-time job, fatherhood and marriage, and business ownership) and STILL manages to be a top tier competitive athlete.  He is just an amazing individual in my book.Scott McClelland