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Tom Mutaffis - National Champion Strongman

Tom Mutaffis - Strongman

Tom Mutaffis is an ASC Pro Strongman and seasoned competitor. He does not rely on sheer bulk to achieve competitive Strongman success; rather he possesses a rare combination of lean muscularity, athleticism, and raw power.

His first Strongman competition was in 2006 and he tasted success shortly thereafter winning his 3rd competition. He subsequently ran off a series of 20 podium appearances culminating in his ASC pro card in 2010 and a qualification for the 2011 Arnold Strongman World Championship.

Tom's unique physical skills and prowess are matched by his mental acuity. Possessing solid writing skills and superior knowledge of training techniques, diet, and supplementation Tom is both a published author and veritable fount of knowledge. He frequents various iron game website forums to include our own Wannabebig Forums and is always more than willing to help others.

Here are a few links to his published articles:  - Strongman Training for Maximum Hypertrophy and So You Want To Hit a PR?.

If you want to see videos of Tom in action and specifics about his training and supplementation you can check out his training journal here: STRONGMAN - Tom Mutaffis

AtLarge’s Supplements and Tom

Unlike a lot of sponsored athletes that have already reached the top prior to ever taking company X's products, Tom has literally grown with us. Our supplements have truly impacted Tom's training and positively aided his quest and eventual success at becoming a professional Strongman. 

Ton's favorite supplements are RESULTS, Opticen+, and Nitrean+.

Tom Mutaffis - Strongman

Tom’s Competitive Accomplishments

2010 Europa Strongman Showdown (TX) 1st place, ASC Pro Card
2010 Europa Battle of Champions (CT) 3rd Place
2010 Georgia's Strongest Man (GA) 1st Place
2010 Arizona Invitational Pro-Am (AZ) 3rd Place
2010 South Atlantic Strongman (SC) 4th Place
2009 New Jersey's Strongest Man (NJ) 1st Place
2009 Beast of The East (SC) 3rd Place
2009 Brute Strength Strongman (VA) 2nd Place
2009 Baby Beast Strongman (SC) 1st Place
2009 SW Florida's Strongest (FL) 2nd Place
2009 South Atlantic Strongman (SC) 1st Place
2009 Fatbacks Team Strongman (VA) 2nd Place
2009 Florence Strongman (SC) 2nd Place
2008 California's Strongest Man (CA) 2nd Place
2008 NAS National Championships (UT) 3rd Place
2008 Battle of The Badass (NY) 1st Place
2008 Florida's Strongest Man (FL) 2nd Place
2008 Northeast Beast Pro-Am (NJ) 7th Place
2008 SW Florida's Strongest (FL) 3rd Place
2007 NAS National Championships (NV) 1st Place, NAS National Champion
2007 Fairmount Athletic Club Strongman (PA) 1st Place
2007 Sun Coast Strongman Scorcher (FL) 3rd Place
2007 Mid-Atlantic Strongman Championship (MD) 1st Place
2007 South Atlantic Strongman (SC) 2nd Place
2006 Garden State Strongman Classic (NJ) 1st Place
2006 Rhode Island's Strongest Man (RI) 1st Place
006 Paxton Power Gym Strongman (MA) 1st Place
2006 Hudson Valley Strongman (NY) 3rd Place
2006 New Jersey's Strongest Man (NJ) - Competitor

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