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The CrossFit Affiliate Wholesale Program

2010 CrossFit Games - Official Sponsor

During the past year our owner Chris Mason, and therefore our company, have journeyed into the world of CrossFit. Chris' first experience with CrossFit was as an aide at Louie Simmons' (www.westside-barbell.com) first CrossFit Powerlifting Certification. The experience was eye-opening to say the least.

We'll let Chris take it from here in his own words:

When Louie asked me to help with his first powerlifting certification I knew very little about CrossFit. My limited knowledge had me expecting to meet a bunch of endurance athletes in the mold of distance runners (read: small and weak). I cannot tell you how pleasantly surprised I was when the athletes I met were anything but that. In fact, I will go so far as to say I was blown away with their general athleticism, strength, and willingness to try anything we threw at them.

It was the beginning of a new iron game love affair for me, and one that helped to solidify a very valuable lesson. Prior to meeting Louie and learning his Westside Barbell training system I had been a "power-bodybuilder" for somewhere on the order of 20 years. I had always been obsessed with strength, but my first love had been bodybuilding. For many years I was utterly convinced that Dr. Ellington Darden's version of High Intensity Training (HIT) was the only way to optimize size and strength. As such I was deathly afraid of overtraining and would eschew any form of conditioning work for fear it would hamper my results. Louie was the first to teach me that conditioning was necessary, but it has been CrossFit that has truly inspired me to improve my metabolic conditioning.

My affiliation with CrossFit lead to AtLarge Nutrition sponsoring the 2010 CrossFit Games. I was able to attend the event. This was my first time at the Games, and I was absolutely floored with what the athletes were able to do. It was simply amazing! Maybe it was my competitive nature, maybe it was just seeing strength and endurance in action, but I can tell you right then and there I made a decision take my conditioning to a whole other level!

This page is supposed to be about our wholesale program for CrossFit affiliates, isn't it? I wanted to first provide you some background about myself and my company's increasing involvement in the CrossFit world as a means of explaining the genesis of this program. From my participation in the Westside Powerlifting Certifications, to our sponsorship of the 2010 Games, to my writing articles for the CrossFit Journal, my interest, respect, and love for CrossFit has grown exponentially in the past year.

As a direct result of those feelings, and my personal introduction to so many of the affiliate owners at the certs, I decided I wanted to do something that would be mutually beneficial for both AtLarge and box owners. The CrossFit Affiliate Wholesale Program is what I came up with. It allows affiliate owners to offer our products to their members at great prices and to make a profit in doing so (if they choose to).

The Program in a Nutshell

The program is a tweak of our standard wholesale program. Knowing that most CrossFit affiliates are small businesses I wanted to find a way they could participate with little or no initial investment. Our standard program affords increasing discounts based upon order volume. It is broken down into 4 tiers (10-19 units, 20-34 units, 35-49 units, and 50+ units) with the per unit cost going down with each volume tier. The custom program I created for CrossFit affiliates provides the 3rd tier level discount with no minimum order!

So, for example, this allows affiliate owners to purchase say 3 Opticen and pay the same price as other retailers that are buying 35 or more of them at a time. It is a heck of a deal!

I mentioned no initial investment as a goal option. That goal is realized with the "group order" portion of the program. Some CrossFit affiliates don't want to resell products to their customers (don't want to carry inventory or simply aren't comfortable doing it). For them, I added the group order option. What this does is allow the affiliate owner to offer their members a spectacular deal in the form of the 3rd tier wholesale pricing so long as group orders of 10 or more units are made (i.e. several members get together and place mass orders once or twice a month). This truly creates a value added facet to their membership at the affiliate. They end up getting to purchase high quality efficacious products for nearly half of what they might pay at a local retailer.

If you would like to take advantage of this great opportunity please contact me via email at mailto:chris@atlargenutrition.com, (alternatively you can send us an email via our contact form) or call me direct at (434) 882-1291.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Mason - Owner of AtLarge Nutrition