EGD Pro(TM) Protein and other powder dispenser

  • Holds up to 180g of powder
  • Easy to carry
  • Mates-up with standard bottled water containers
  • No more mess
  • Tough and durable 





Product Description


EGD Pro™ Highlights:

 - Stores up to 180g of powder

 - Mates-up with standard bottled water containers for no-mess dispensing

 - Sized for easy storage and portability

 - Designed and tested to be tough and durable

EGD-Pro sequence


To be clear, this product is NOT a shaker cup.  The EGD Pro™ dispenser is a unique device which we should have thought of first :). 

EGD Pro™ was created by three combat veterans who saw a need and fulfilled it.  When in the field they realized that there was no easy way for soldiers to carry and prepare multiple protein shakes.  Of course, they also realized soldiers are not the only ones that prepare protein shakes while on the go. 

Every single day literally millions of people throughout the world mix protein shakes at work, at the gym, and just about anywhere they might be when they want a quick protein fix.  Traditional methods include placing powder in a shaker cup and carrying it with you, trying to create a makeshift funnel and pouring the powder into a bottle of water, carrying the whole tub of protein in your car or storing it at work, and other bulky, messy, generally unpleasant things.

The EGD Pro™ provides an easy to store and carry, convenient, clean, and SIMPLE method of making protein and other powdered drinks anywhere you are.  Please watch the video below for more information.  If you use protein and other drink powders, this is for you!

Supplement Facts

There are no supplement facts for the EGD-Pro(TM). It isn't a supplement :).


FAQ's will be available soon - watch this space.


"EGDPro: Fucking get one. If you take any of your granulated supplements on the go, you are probably familiar with the woes of getting your stuff in a bottle some how. Cut a hole in a plastic bag, make a paper funnel out of old junk mail, spoon it in...whatever. The EGDPro solves the issue of taking protein on the go, and being able to conveniently access it for your workout needs. Comes in 4 dishwasher safe parts and the best thing (AND I MEAN THE BEST) about it - the funnel interfaces perfectly with any plastic water bottle (For the moments when you are without your shaker cup and happen to have a bottle of water near). Holds about a weeks worth of powder and dispenses in 15g increments. Most ALN proteins have serving sizes of 30g. It's as easy as turning the dial twice. Impact resistant, water tight, and has my recommendation for on-the-go storage for the gym.