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  • My friend Donnie Thompson has inspired me. He does a great job of letting people know about his amazing inventions and the things he has done to change strength training and rehabilitation. For whatever reason, it hit me today that I almost NEVER toot my own horn about what I have done in the supplement industry.

I started AtLarge Nutrition, LLC (ALN - back in 2002 with my business partner at the time Daniel Clough. Daniel owned the website (WBB) and we agreed to start the business and use WBB to help promote it. Daniel was the technical guy, the one with the site design and so on experience. My job was marketing and product development. I did more research than I had ever done in my life.

The end result of that research, and what is both the crown jewel of our line and something that actually changed the supplement industry, is Nitrean. Back then, the VAST majority of supplemental proteins sold to and used by athletes were whey only. As you may know, whey is one of the two constituent proteins in milk (casein being the other). Whey is an excellent protein source. It is high in BCAA, is absorbed quickly, and powerfully promotes protein synthesis, but its strength is also a weakness. Its quick absorption means that you don’t get an extended release of amino acids into your bloodstream (and they are the building blocks for new proteins in the body), and the quick absorption rate also makes whey have virtually no anti-catabolic effects. So, while whey promotes the synthesis of new protein, is does almost nothing to stop the breakdown of existing protein (i.e. catabolism). Catabolism is peaked after strength training and being in an anabolic (or building) state requires that new synthesis outstrips protein breakdown. Achieving an optimal anabolic state requires peaking protein synthesis and blunting catabolism.

So what is the solution? Well, Mother Nature seems to find a way to get things right, and milk is no exception. As noted above, milk contains both whey and casein. Casein, while absorbed more slowly than whey, significantly blunts catabolism AND is better retained. Casein also promotes protein synthesis albeit less
  • This technique helps to isolate the upper back.  Most trainees use their spinal electors too pull their chest upwards and help initiate the pull.  This video also shows a breakdown set.
  • We got some of #ALN friend Donnie Thompson's Fatbells.  They are amazing!
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  • Happy Tuesday from all of us here at #atlargenutrition !! 🙌
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