The Wrist Roller

The Wrist Roller

The forearms are used in everyday activities. Whether it’s typing at the desk, eating chicken and rice or lifting weights, these are just a few of the areas the muscles of the forearm are called upon. However, even with all their use, they tend to be a weak link in many trainees programs. And, as the saying goes, you are only as strong as your weakest link.

Most people would love to sport a set of Popeye forearms however many own the Olive Oyl type, small, frail and weak. That’s because the forearms get no love. They’re either left out or put off until the end of a workout session. But wait, there’s good news, fixing this problem isn’t difficult. With some dedication and consistency building the forearms doesn’t have to be such a chore.

One of the many ways people can train the forearms to become bigger is through the use of a wrist roller. The problem however, is how this movement is performed. Below are two pictures, can you pick out which of the pictures is displaying the proper form.

If you chose picture 2 you understand how to execute this movement. To perform this movement properly, the arms should be extended straight, with the upper body in an upright posture. Wrists in line with the shoulders, maintain this position throughout the entire movement.

Deviation from this position will take away from the exercise, which in turns makes this exercise less challenging.

Many people perform this movement with their arms out in front them. This is a mistake. This is an exercise that is supposed to challenge the forearms not the shoulders. So, the next time you choose to use this exercise bare in mind the points made.

It’ll save you time, that could be otherwise put into working the bigger muscle groups.

Written by Maki Riddington

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